Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Miko's Scrapbook -Traditional layout for ultrasound pics

 I have been working on a scrapbook for Miko of course. My Aunt started one for me as a gift for my baby shower and I love it!  So far I have completed a few project life pages but my goal is to have a combination of both traditional style and project life pages. This one is my first traditional scrapbook page, these seem to take much longer to complete than the PL pages...
 I really enjoy the complete freedom of a blank page every once in a while. 
I am a very frugal crafter so I rarely ever spend money on embellishments (I think they are so expensive for what you get).  I tend to create my own and I have really started to enjoy the process.  Making your own embellishments means they can be tailored to meet your needs for each specific scrapbook page.  I also like to use ribbons and buttons a lot :). My alphabet stamps are probably my most used item, aside from my ridiculous collection of scrap book paper.
I buy books of paper at Michaels when they are on sale, or I use a coupon.  I never pay full price for anything at that store, with a little planning you can always get a discount.  Most of the time I end up creating embellishments from my favourite paper patterns. In this example today, I cut out some stars and a cloud from one of the pages and used them to create a theme for my entire layout. I also cut out some heart shapes from various pieces of scrap book paper.  I often like to draw in some extra details - in this case I added a 'quilted' effect and drew in a few hearts. 

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