Sunday, September 28, 2014

Baby on the Move

 Miko is super mobile right now, he is scooting around like crazy!  I followed him for about 10 minutes and documented where he went and what he got into.  He certainly keeps his mama busy these days:)

 He is really into climbing over and climbing under things right now, so the coffee table is quite fun for him.

Here he is emptying his 'basket of everyday objects'

Miko also loves to play with things that roll or have wheels, the stroller can hold his attention for half an hour. 

Containers are very exciting for him, he loves to explore the contents, empty them all out and then play around with the basket/box/bin.

Circus has a hiding spot in the corner, Miko is trying his hardest to find a way in.

Items are no longer safe on the coffee table

Oh, what's this?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Family Photo Shoot

 Here are a few of my favourite shots from our photo-shoot in August.

 Circus had to get in the pictures of course
 Oh no, what have we started!  He appears to love the motorcycle already :)
Thanks for taking our picture Ken!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Our Visit to Davison Orchards

We took a little road trip to Vernon on the weekend so that we could visit Davison Orchards. (you can view their website here) Although Miko was a little too young to enjoy most of the activities and attractions, there were soooo many fun things for kids to do!  It is apple season right now and pumpkins will be harvested in October. We had such a great time I think we will go back again next month to pick out a pumpkin.
 The Critter Corral was something we could all do together and Miko loved it.  Basically it's just a fenced off area that you can walk through and watch the animals (or feed them if you are interested)

 The goat walk was pretty cool.
 This sweet donkey was my favourite

 Ah the smell of fresh hay....

 The setting was just gorgeous, they had so many beautiful fall displays and colourful flower beds.
Next year, when Miko can toddle around, there will be many more activities he can enjoy. There is a huge farm-themed playground, a sand pit with a tractor and horsey-swings and Johny Popper train ride that I can't wait to ride next year.
 The cafĂ© was amazing!  Wow, I haven't had such deliciously wholesome food in a long time.  There was something about the charm, the menu and the setting that reminded me of my Mom's Tea
The Market and Gift Shop were hugely popular, bustling with activity and shelves bursting with delicious baked goods and lovely gifts. I found a cute little crafted pumpkin, I love it so much I think I am going to buy a few more next time.  We also bought a 4L jug of their delicious apple cider, we definitely need to buy more of that next time as well. And of course I had to have a piece of apple pie!
There is no doubt this trip will become a yearly tradition in our family.