Sunday, September 28, 2014

Baby on the Move

 Miko is super mobile right now, he is scooting around like crazy!  I followed him for about 10 minutes and documented where he went and what he got into.  He certainly keeps his mama busy these days:)

 He is really into climbing over and climbing under things right now, so the coffee table is quite fun for him.

Here he is emptying his 'basket of everyday objects'

Miko also loves to play with things that roll or have wheels, the stroller can hold his attention for half an hour. 

Containers are very exciting for him, he loves to explore the contents, empty them all out and then play around with the basket/box/bin.

Circus has a hiding spot in the corner, Miko is trying his hardest to find a way in.

Items are no longer safe on the coffee table

Oh, what's this?


  1. He is getting so big! I am sure he keeps you busy, Sarah keeps me busy and she hasn't figured out how to crawl yet! I love looking at your blog to see how you guys are doing :) cora

    1. Thanks for commenting Cora, I don't get very many, so it makes me happy when I see one! I saw your little cutie Sarah on facebook, they change and grow so fast don't they?