Sunday, September 7, 2014

Baby-Led Solids - A Success So Far

Miko has been doing great with the baby-led solids approach. He is now capable of picking up pieces of food, big or small, and putting them into his mouth.  Although sometimes the food doesn't quite make it inside, or it will fall out later while he is 'chewing'.  He can use both hands and doesn't favour one or the other quite yet. 
As we expected, he is starting to get very messy... in addition to getting his face and hands covered in food, he has now discovered the exciting act of throwing food on the floor.  And mashing food around on the tray table, he loves doing that too.  He is a still a very slow eater, we can sit there for half an hour and he might only consume a tablespoon worth of food. Other times, particularly when he is eating avocado, banana, watermelon or other soft food, he can eat much more than that.
The only thing he doesn't like (yet) is broccoli, but he sure likes everything else.  His favourites so far are watermelon, avocado, kiwi, olives, tilapia and salmon.

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