Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bathrooms are done!

 The only rooms in our house that are officialy done are the bathrooms.  Maybe it's because they are so small? We are having a hard time deciding on where all the wall hangings/art/pictures should go in the rest of the house....  Anyway, the bathrooms are done so hooray.  This is the downstairs bathroom
 I added some appropriately themed scrapbook paper to these super cheap/simple garbage bins from Ikea.

 And this is Miko's bathroom, with a bright orange and blue colour scheme.
 I made this soap dish in art class in highscool and I thought it would be perfect for his bathroom.
 I also had some scrapbook paper that fit the colour scheme perfectly, so I framed a piece
 and used a piece on his garbage bin.

 And this is our master bath

And there I am hiding in the corner :)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Even More Phone Pics

 A very foggy morning
 Our visit to Elgin Heritage Park.  There is a boat launch and a little marina.

 Snacking on rice cakes
 Such a tranquil setting
 Miko enjoying our time at the park
A view of the Historic Stewart Farmhouse
 Our local library has a really cool mini fire truck for the kids to explore.
 Miko loved it!
 Somehow he managed not to get any on the floor....
 Pushing the wagon around our backyard

 On the move
 Someone figured out how to move and use our kitchen stool.  I wonder how long until he figures out our elastic cupboard enclosure?
 More fun at our local playground

Building with mega blocks

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

For Miko's Grandparents (visiting our playground for the first time)

This little playground might be a little disappointing for older kids, I know I was surprised there was no slide or swings! For Miko however, it is perfect.  There are steering wheels that he can spin, and boy does he ever love wheels.

 Oh and there are lots of wood chips for him to play with as well.
 Miko is confident enough to take steps on uneven surfaces now.
 He sure loves to explore his surroundings.
He will be climbing up here in no time!