Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bathrooms are done!

 The only rooms in our house that are officialy done are the bathrooms.  Maybe it's because they are so small? We are having a hard time deciding on where all the wall hangings/art/pictures should go in the rest of the house....  Anyway, the bathrooms are done so hooray.  This is the downstairs bathroom
 I added some appropriately themed scrapbook paper to these super cheap/simple garbage bins from Ikea.

 And this is Miko's bathroom, with a bright orange and blue colour scheme.
 I made this soap dish in art class in highscool and I thought it would be perfect for his bathroom.
 I also had some scrapbook paper that fit the colour scheme perfectly, so I framed a piece
 and used a piece on his garbage bin.

 And this is our master bath

And there I am hiding in the corner :)

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