Friday, February 6, 2015

Our New Home

 We made it! And let me say that I never want to move again! It's a good thing we like this place so far.  I decided to take some pictures even though we aren't totally unpacked yet, so please forgive the clutter/boxes/lack of wall decor.  I will do another post after we are completely settled in.
 One of my first priorities was getting Miko's play area setup.  It was important to me that his bedroom and other areas were completed first so that he felt at home right away.
 Here is our kitchen. I haven't had a dishwasher since I moved out of my childhood home almost 14 years ago! Yes, I am very excited about our dishwasher.
 Boxes, boxes everywhere.

 Our living room is still a work in progress.

 This is our upstairs balcony, and our backyard underneath.  It has rained everyday since we got here!
 We have a 'lovely' view into our many neighbours backyards ;)  This is definitely the biggest change for us!  I'm liking that I can pear into the surrounding backyards and get some ideas for plants/landscaping etc.
 Baby-gates are a must have in our new place.
 Stairs down to the entryway.
 Circus sure likes to photo-bomb.
 Our garage, Luke has many grand plans. I can't wait to see how we develop this space.
 This little guy has been amazing through the whole ordeal.  He is very curious and interested in his new surroundings!  No fear or trepidation at all.  He loves climbing the stairs and looking out of the low windows.

 Wow, I don't even have room to do any crafts at the moment.
 Miko's bathroom.  Those glass doors are proving to be quite a challenge!  They look nice but are in no way 'family friendly'.
 The spare room!   Don't worry everyone, it will be nice and welcoming in no time.
Miko's bedroom
 This is Circus's favourite spot in the house so far, he prefers to sleep under Miko's crib.  I can't wait to get all of our wall hangings up.  We are also taking a much needed trip to Ikea this weekend, so excited.

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