Thursday, February 25, 2016

More Everyday Stuff

Work in progress - Tuscan winery
 Miko helps Dada make the tallest towers ever!
 I liked our track setup this time and wanted to save the layout
 We enjoyed a simple Valentine's Day around here.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

An Afternoon at Stewart Farm - Farm Tots Class

 I'll say it again, these classes are our most favourite thing to do!  I sign up for every single one, even if Miko did it last year :) He changes and grows so quickly that it really is a different experience for him every time we go.
 Made a sheep mask (notice the cute little vest on him?  They even had dress-up clothes for them to wear this time)
 Enjoying a cookie 'treat'

 Wading in the puddles
 Checking out the cool boats at the marina

Selfie with my sweetie

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

 This boy has lots of confidence on his bike

 He really loves gliding now
 Wagon rides in the backyard
 Learning to cut avocados
 Playing in a sink full of bubbles (wish I though of this sooner! it certainly contains the mess better than a tub on the floor)

Such a funny little guy - sticking banana chips to his cheeks

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Family Day at Capilano River Regional Park

The weather network predicted 16 degree weather and sunshine all day!  We were definitely spoiled for family day this year, so we made a day of it.
We headed to Capilano River Regional Park for the first time and it was a gorgeous day. It was also very crowded because everyone else was also outside enjoying our random summer day in the middle of February.
We had a picnic lunch as soon as we arrived.  There was one table in the sun and we snagged it right away.

There were some amazing views of the mountains.
Not a cloud in the sky...

We walked across the Cleveland Dam, which was awe inspiring.
The sunlight streaming in through the canyon, illuminating the mist, was very magical.
I took this picture from a footbridge that spanned the river.

And now here are some cell phone pictures.
We also visited the fish hatchery, which was lots of fun for all three of us.
Miko especially liked the salmon displays.

There was a cool waterfall to walk behind.

We realized right away that the trails were a little to steep and rocky for the stroller.  But holding Miko's hand the whole time wasn't very good for our backs either.... Our solution, which ended up being great, was to let Miko ride on Luke's shoulders.  He is finally old enough to hold on and actually enjoy it up there!

One last picture of the dam from the viewing platform.