Saturday, December 26, 2015

Pre-Christmas Fun

 Riding the Christmas Train at Art Knapps, and in the snow no less!

 Keeping warm with Babcia

 Playing with his Potato Head Family - a gift from his cousins
 Waiting in line for Santa

 Miko's first picture with Santa turned into a Family picture.... poor little guy was afraid to sit on his lap, which is understandable ;)
 Having fun with the spinning egg chair at Ikea

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bright Nights in Stanley Park

 We took Miko and my parents to Stanley Park for Miko's birthday. He was so excited to ride the train! There was a whole bunch of other festive activities and displays to enjoy that we weren't even expecting. 

 It rained a little bit, but be were prepared this time so it didn't deter us at all.

 It was so cloudy that we could barely see the Lions Gate Bridge. It was a completely different experience to be in Stanley Park during the off-season.


Buying tickets at the train station
 Here is the new covered waiting area, we were glad it gave us a bit of shelter from the rain.

 Eagerly anticipating the train ride!
 As soon as the train starts Miko always gets super serious, it so funny.
 Super serious face
 I tried to capture some of the beautiful displays but it was quite dark in the forest and we were moving of course :)

And now here are the pictures taken with my phone...