Friday, August 29, 2014

Kaitlin's Visit - Reunited with Daddy in Pentincton

 We took a trip to Penticton to visit Luke one day while Kaitlin was here. The drive is so gorgeous at this time of year and the beach was as awesome as always. 
 Here is Miko re-united with his Daddy after 4 long days. Luke spends a week in Penticton every year for work, I usually drive out to visit him once or twice.
 These two picked up right where they left off :)

 We had lots of fun enjoying the warm sand and water, and the beach was practically empty for some reason.

 Miko loves to 'swim'

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Kaitlin's visit - Dillworth Mountain Park and Kelowna's Waterfront

 Kaitlin wanted to see lots of beautiful scenery while she was here, I think she left quite satisfied!
 This park was closed for weeks due to fire risk but it opened back up just in time for us to visit.

 There were lots of photo oppurunities
 This is Miko's favourite new 'face', you will see it often.

 Here we are on the new pier at the end of Bernard

Having visitors is such a great excuse to be a tourist in your own town!
 This little guy had lots of fun

 There it is again
 The swing was, by far, his most favourite part of the day

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Two things Miko LOVES - Pillows and Water

 Miko loves to play with pillows and soft blankets. He hugs them and buries his face in them and rolls around amongst them.

 Miko sure loves playing with water as well. It doesn't matter if he's in the bath tub, kiddie pool, or lake, it's all fun for him.

 He really loves to make this face recently, it's hilarious.
Oh, and splashing, he can never get enough of that either.