Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gellatly Nut Farm Pumpkin Walk

 Here are a few of our favourite pumpkins from the 'Pumpkin Walk' at Gellatly Nut Farm.
 Since Miko still has an early bed time we arrived before dark. There was a lot of people there with the same idea.  All the kids were dressed up in costumes, running from pumpkin to pumpkin. Everyone got to vote for their favourites, mine was the one you see above.

 I loved this display at The Cove Lakeside Resort. I also enjoyed the complimentary hot apple cider :) We stayed until it started to get dark, it was a nice change for us, normally we don't stay out very late in the evening so it felt special.  It started to get chilly very fast, we were glad we decided to dress Miko in his new winter coat!
His mitts didn't stay on, but he forgot about pulling his hat off, he was probably distracted by all of the kids and pumpkins.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Phone Pics

 The coyotes around here are getting brave, this one comes right up to our backyard in broad daylight.
 One of my favourite views on our neighbourhood walks.

 Someone learned how to pull himself up to standing (this was three weeks ago now!) and he is sure excited about his new skill.
 Miko also learned how to crawl on all fours on the same day. No more stomach dragging for this guy:)

 Miko is fine with crawling through the grass now, he wasn't so sure before.... but now it doesn't phase him at all.
 One of my many piles of trimmed grasses and plants.
 Here's a freshly trimmed garden, it looks so bare.

 Here's a good shot of Miko's bottom teeth
 These owls are still Miko's all-time favourite!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

We went to a local farm this weekend to pick out a pumpkin. McMillan Farms was extremely busy when we visited, perhaps it was the beautiful weather that brought everyone out.  It was 20 degrees and sunny, a perfect afternoon to visit the pumpkin patch.  The only downfall was that the remaining pumpkins were quite 'picked-over' and we couldn't find any nice looking-ones in the size range we wanted. So after exploring the grounds, looking at all the farm animals and taking a few pictures we left with only a handful of small gourds.  It was still a great outing and we can't wait to do it again next year when Miko can enjoy the corn bins, maze and hay-ride.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Ontario Trip Part Three - Babcia and Dziadek's House

 Miko was reunited with his dear cousins again, and this time Miko was much more interactive!

 Lots of love and attention from these three, especially Madigan

 A candid photo during Thanksgiving dinner

 Miko with Uncle Jakub and his cousins
 MMmmmm delicious soup

 So many toys and playmates to enjoy

 Miko got his first cold while we were visiting, he hates getting his nose wiped!  Sometimes a team-effort is required
 Miko with Auntie Khoa
 Miko with Dziadek

 And Miko with Babcia