Friday, October 17, 2014

Ontario Trip Part Two - Grandma and Grandpa's Cottage

Just a heads up that I am obsessed with maple trees and coloured leaves! I also try to take lots of pictures of Miko with his extended family, so this post is filled with many pictures.
The cottage was beautiful at this time of year.
Miko with Grandpa

A new staircase my Dad just made this year.
Look at that view!
Miko with Grandma

Miko with Auntie Kait
Miko with Nanna

Autumn walk through the forest, so lovely.


  1. WOW beautiful photos! Nice new stairs uncle Bob!:) Amanda

    1. I too WAY too many photos! I don't think I have been back to Ontario in the fall since I left 8 years ago. I miss the colourful forests so much, I think I will try to visit during this time of year more often