Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Phone Pics

 The coyotes around here are getting brave, this one comes right up to our backyard in broad daylight.
 One of my favourite views on our neighbourhood walks.

 Someone learned how to pull himself up to standing (this was three weeks ago now!) and he is sure excited about his new skill.
 Miko also learned how to crawl on all fours on the same day. No more stomach dragging for this guy:)

 Miko is fine with crawling through the grass now, he wasn't so sure before.... but now it doesn't phase him at all.
 One of my many piles of trimmed grasses and plants.
 Here's a freshly trimmed garden, it looks so bare.

 Here's a good shot of Miko's bottom teeth
 These owls are still Miko's all-time favourite!

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