Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Harvest Festival at Gelatly Nut Farm

 Last weekend we visited the Gelatly Nut Farm during their fall harvest festival. We wandered through all of the vendor tents and picked up a few small handmade items. A wooden top for Miko's Christmas stocking and a crocheted mini pumpkin (for me!)
 It ended up being a gorgeous afternoon, which surprised us because it was dreary and rainy all morning.

 The Nut Farm is quite interesting, there are all sorts of different nut trees with signs on them to help identify which type of nut they produce. You can use a provided bucket to collect as many different nuts as you like and then pay by the pound when you leave.
 Miko is still too young to enjoy the collecting part so we just wandered around and enjoyed the scenery.

 Miko sure likes the fact that he can lean forward in his 'freedom' harness.

 A common sight - nut casings, with nuts removed.

 There are still some beautiful heritage buildings and machinery to look at. The nut farm was started in the early 1900's and is the oldest Nut Farm in BC.

 I can't wait to go back next year and collect some nuts of our own!


  1. I love it ! A nut farm! totally how I pictured it :)
    I am really craving that Tim Hortons coffee there lol

    1. Lol, it's so great that you spotted Luke's coffee! Yes, we like our Timmies, that's for sure :)
      The Nut farm is so fun, I wish I knew about it sooner as I would have taken visitors sightseeing there. I will from now on!