Sunday, October 19, 2014

Miko at Ten Months

-Miko weighs 26.5 pounds and in 78 cm long
-Miko is now officially crawling! He switches between crawling and scooting whenever it suits his fancy. We think he scoots more on the hard slippery floors and crawls more on carpeted floors.
-Miko has 6 teeth
-He learned how to pull up to standing and is now obsessed with practicing his new skill. His crib was lowered as a result of this ;)
-Miko started having baths in the big tub, which he adores. He can move around, crawl, splash and chase after his bath toys, much more fun than being stuck in sitting position in his baby tub.
-Miko has mastered waving hello and goodbye.  He does it fairly consistently with people he knows, but sometimes he will wave to strangers, at Circus or at cars that are driving by.
-His repertoire of sounds is growing fast, right now his favourite noise is 'trilling' which he is quite good at and often uses in place of crying.
-Miko likes to taste the air if he is outside and the wind is blowing. He also waves his arms around when he is excited or happy. These behaviours seem to be a reflection of Miko's individual personality and we can't get enough.

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