Friday, February 20, 2015

Baby Led Solids - A Progress Report

Last week Miko showed me that he was ready to feed himself with a spoon and a bowl.  I accidentally left his bowl of oatmeal on his tray and turned around to find him carefully inspecting this new item.  Much to my surprise, he was extremely cautious with it and never once spilled or dropped his bowl of oatmeal!
 For twenty minutes he manipulated his bowl and spoon and managed to feed himself quite a lot of oatmeal. Eventually he discovered he could use his hand without the spoon and that worked even better :)
 I still have nothing but good things to say about our experience with baby-led solids (well except for the mess - that has actually gotten worse).  Miko can now pretty much feed himself anything, we don't have to spoon feed him at all.  It is very nice that we can all eat together as a family.  Miko usually always eats what we are eating, I just cut his food up into manageable pieces for him first.
 He never turns up his nose at anything, well not yet anyway.  He loves fresh fruits and vegetables as well as pasta, toast, cheese, deli meat, ribs, eggs, soup, fish and slightly spiced black beans and rice.

Here is a typical day of meals for our little guy:
Breakfast: Hard boiled egg and banana
Lunch: Oven roasted turkey deli meat, cucumber, medium cheddar cubes, red pepper
Snack: Gluten free oat o's and apple slices
Dinner: Rice pasta with tomato sauce and cheese plus some avocado and orange slices

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