Saturday, September 13, 2014

Miko at Nine Months

-Miko weighs  25 lbs and is 76 cm long
-Miko is still 'army crawling' all over the place, he can get up on all fours and rock back and forth but has yet to 'crawl' on all fours. I don't know if he ever will since he gets around so well with his version of crawling.
-He now has 5 teeth!
-He learned how to go from crawling to sitting and from sitting to crawling. He rolls around and moves all over the place in his crib now before he falls asleep
-Miko is obsessed with opening and closing doors, drawers, cupboards and books. He also likes to empty the contents of baskets and boxes.  He sure keeps me on my toes now.
-Baby-led weaning is going great and Miko can pretty much feed himself now. He can pick up large or small bits of food and put them in his mouth, mush them up and swallow them, no problem.  He has discovered how fun it is to throw certain items on the floor. However, if he really likes something, amazingly, very few pieces end up on the floor (avocado, banana, kiwi)
-Miko also learned how to drink from a cup. Half of the time he takes dainty little sips and the other half of the time he dumps it all over himself.
-We had so many firsts this month!  We agreed that he said his first word 'Mama' very distinctly, and is now saying 'Dada'
-Miko just waved hello for the first time yesterday
-We started Parent and 'Starfish' swim class and we both think it is absolutely awesome

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