Thursday, February 13, 2014

Miko at Two Months


How Miko is Doing
-Weighs 12 lbs 7 oz and is 61cm long (was 50cm at birth)
-Has started outgrowing his 0- 3 month size clothes! We are now into the 3-6 month size
-Still loves his bath and now enjoys getting his diaper changed. He also prefers to poop immediately into a fresh diaper.  It's quite consistent, I have to do back-to-back diaper changes a couple of times a day.
-Miko eats every two hours during the day and is less consistent at night. He can go anywhere from 1.5 - 4 hours between feedings
-He now smiles responsively and we can't get enough!  He is much less fussy and has long periods of alertness. He makes adorable 'happy' noises, kicks his legs, smiles and moves his arms around much more gracefully now.
-He has recently realized that my face is attached to my boobs. He gazes up at me and smiles before, during and after nursing sessions now.
-Luke hates how fast he has been outgrowing his cute clothing so we have started a keepsake box already
-Nicknames: Chubby Cherub, Grunty McGrunterson, Sunshine, Miko-man, Old man turtle (long story), Sweetheart

How I am Doing
-I weigh 120 pounds and I am still wearing maternity/yoga pants. I either go for a walk or do Pilates everyday
-I am dealing with the sleep deprivation quite well I think.  I have learned to be patient with the frequent night feedings and keep telling myself to cherish this stage because it will be over before I know it.
-I'm still getting 6-8 hours of broken sleep a night, and naps are very rare
-We now have a much more consistent day time and bed time routine. I am still loving my relaxing days at home with Miko. :)
-Books I have read this month: The No-Cry Sleep Solution (awesome book!), Clutter-Free with Kids and The Girl with the Pearl Earing

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  1. Sounds like the both of you are doing very well! It was great to see you tonight. I am enjoying catching up on all your blogging tonight:) Amanda