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A Day In The Life - Winter 2014

A Day in the life –A Weekday at Home - Feb 17th
All pictures were taken with my phone for ease of use
6:15 am – I awaken to the happy sounds of Miko in his Pack n Play bassinet. He sleeps next to our bed so I pat his chest and say our sleep cue 'Its time to go night-night Miko'. Success! I knew he wasn't hungry because I just fed him an hour before. He falls back asleep for 1/2 an hour :)

6:45 am – More happy awake sounds from Miko as Luke's alarm goes off for work. I turn on the light and say good morning to our little guy and turn off our new white-noise machine. I change Miko's diaper, he immediately poops in the fresh one as soon as I get him dressed.

7:00 am – I feed Miko in bed while Luke snoozes next to us. He has started to nurse on one side only and seems to be much more efficient now. He nurses on the right side for 7 minutes and I record this info on my little notepad.

7:15am – I change his diaper again and get him setup in the living room on his play mat. I head to the kitchen and start making coffee and assemble my breakfast – celery with almond butter and wheat-free oatmeal. Miko is gurgling away on his mat, smiling at his new favourite toy- the baby mirror. I sit next to him on the floor and eat while he is entertained on the play mat.
7:25am – Luke is now awake and is making poached eggs for breakfast, we have a big good morning hug :) I get our coffee ready and head back into the living room and turn on the Olympics. Circus is meowing at the door so I let him outside to 'play'

7:30 am – I record our overnight feeding schedule into Miko's sleep log spreadsheet (as recommended in the 'No Cry Sleep Solution') while Miko continues to be adorable on his mat. Luke says good bye to us before heading to work. I quickly write-up my to-do list for the day.

8:00 am – Miko starts to protest so I flip him over to get in some tummy time before I pick him up. I put him on my shoulder and walk him around the house until he falls asleep.

8:15 am – I carefully place sleeping Miko into his Lamby chair – he does not wake up :) I check out my favourite blogs for a few minutes and successfully locate a new recipe to try in our crock pot today.

8:30 am – I spend some time writing out 'A Day in the Life' Post because I was inspired by some other Mom blogs this morning.

9:00 am – I pull the chicken out of the freezer to start defrosting and make myself a second cup of coffee. I let circus inside because he is patiently waiting on the porch. I start up a Pilates work out on my laptop and follow along while Miko naps beside me.

9:05 am – Miko wakes up hungry so I quickly change his diaper before we get settled on the couch. I turn up the tv so I can watch ice dance.
9:30 am – After nursing and dozing on my lap I transfer Miko to his chair again where he lays awake and looks around, I read him a sweet book 'The Dog I love Best' and he falls asleep

9:35 am – I try the Pilates video again, success

10:15 am – I head to the kitchen to try my new recipe only to discover I am missing a key ingredient – coconut milk. I quickly change my plans and throw ingredients into the crock pot for 'chicken enchilada stew'.
10:45 am – I grab a banana and piece of cheese for a snack. I text my Mom back and send a cute pic of Miko to Luke at work

11:00am – After charging my camera's battery I transfer pictures onto my laptop and external hard drive and start uploading pics to my photo-bucket account for my relatives to look at.

11:25 am – I wake Miko up to feed on the right side this time. I check out some blogs while nursing on the couch. I'm currently reading 'Under the Sycamore' and 'Mom's Make It Work' a series of posts from a bunch of different Mom bloggers about working from home, working away from home or being SAHM's.

11:55 am – It's time for a Diaper change for Miko, he loves getting his diaper changed so much its adorable! I think we both actually look forward to them ;)

12:00 noon – I settle Miko onto his play mat and turn on Castle – its the one show I try to watch every day. I lay next to Miko on the floor and show him different objects, I also place them in his hand so he can feel the different textures.

12:15pm – Miko is totally entertained and happy on his play mat so I take the opportunity to eat lunch. I heat up some delicious soup that Luke made a couple of days ago.
12:20 pm – Miko starts to make unhappy noises, its a good thing I am a fast eater! I scoop him up and put him over my shoulder, we walk around the living room looking at various things on the walls.

12:30 pm – I realize I haven't been paying attention to Castle so I abandon the espisode. I put Miko in his Lamby chair in the kitchen and do all of the dishes while he is in a good mood.
12:45 pm – Since Miko is still calmly hanging out in his chair I pump some breast milk for future use. Now that I have 5 oz I record the date on a post-it-note, stick it on the bottle and nestle it into the back of the freezer. The house is starting to smell like delicious food by now.
1:00 pm – Miko stretches out his legs in his bassinet while I make a massage appointment :) It will be my first massage since last September, I can't wait! I put some clothes on so that I look nice when Luke gets home. (Well as nice as you can look in yoga pants, a nursing tank top and cardigan)

1:30 pm – The little one starts acting hungry. I nurse Miko in bed so that I can work on a Blog Post draft while he is feeding. He dozes off on my lap.

2:30 pm – the phone rings, its a nurse from the health unit reminding me that Miko gets his immunizations tomorrow. Miko did not like being woken up and gets upset. I can't settle him easily so I put him in our baby bjorn and start vacuuming. Miko is instantly calmed.
3:00pm - Miko does not appear to be sleepy so I set him up on his play mat and Skype my Mom and Dad while he is awake and being cute.

3:30pm- Time for another feeding just as Luke gets home from work. After he is satisfied, I prop Miko up on my shoulder while I make nachos and Luke makes himself a snack. The little guy is tired but can't seem to fall asleep. I try rocking him in his chair with the vibration function on with no luck. I put him back on my shoulder and walk around the house.

4:10pm – Miko finally falls asleep...

4:20pm – Luke's phone rings and Miko wakes up hungry so I nurse him on the rocking chair while we watch Castle together. Miko falls asleep on my lap for half an hour :)
5:00pm - I try to transfer him to his Lamby chair but he wakes up a few minutes later. Luke changes his diaper while I shred our chicken in the crock pot.

5:30pm – Luke entertains Miko while I eat a bowl of stew quickly.
5:50pm – I nurse Miko while Luke eats. We watch the latest episode of walking dead together on the couch. I try to bounce Miko on my lap for a while. I put him on his play mat to see if that will keep him entertained.

6:30 pm – Miko is very vocal tonight and is hard to settle, we take turns walking him around the house.

6:56 pm – I try to feed him in bed in an attempt to calm him down – no luck... I place him in our stroller and start pushing it back and forth, it works! He falls asleep almost immediately.

7:25 pm – Miko awakens hungry but is much less upset and able to feed. I quickly change his diaper so he has a fresh one for the night. He feeds for 40 minutes! I gently place him in his bassinet and swaddle him up. I say his sleep time cue 'It's time to go night-night Miko' and turn on the white-noise machine. He falls asleep right away and sleeps until 10:30. I get ready for bed and quickly do some tidying around the house. Luke and I get an opportunity to talk and cuddle in bed before we both fall asleep at 8:45pm.

I am going to try and record a 'Day in the Life' post four times a year - one for each season.  It's a bit of work to get everything all written down and documented but I think it will be worth it.

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