Sunday, January 29, 2012

What I'm Up To Week #1

I came up with a new idea for a weekly feature on my blog called "What I'm Up To".  Basically, I will write a little list each week of the new things that are inspiring me and the little things activities that I'm engaging in.

What I'm Reading:
'The Conquerer' by Conn Igulden - This is the last book in a series about the Mongol conquerer Ghengis Khan and his family. This in a must read for anyone who enjoys historical fiction!

'You Are What You Eat' by Dr. Gillian McKeith  - Just started this one yesterday, so far I'm loving it

What I'm Listening To:
'Down the Way' By Angus and Julie Stone - I can't believe I've never heard of these two before, the are amazing and fit right into my listening style. I heard one of their songs on a Revenge episode last month and boy am I glad I tracked down the artist.

What I'm Watching:
TV Show - Revenge - The only new show worth watching this season (In my opinion)
Movies - Luke and I have watched all three Underworld movies in the past couple days. We needed to refresh our memories before going the see the new 3D Underworld: Awakening

What I'm Making:
I'm currently finishing up my cubicle makeover and will do a full feature post shortly :)  Here's what I've shown on my blog so far:
 Mouse Pad

Stamp Tray

I'm also using some of my new Christmas gifts: I made an adorable cardboard Giraffe from a set that Kaitlin gave me during my trip to Ontario

What I'm Eating:
Lots of Homemade Pizza!

What's Making me Smile:
Evernote: This is a free browsing aid that is similar to Pinterest, but even more practical. I am obsessed.  Please check it out here!

What's Inspiring Me:
'Small Things' Blog: Just wonderful, I can't even begin to describe the awesomeness of this blog!  This blogger  inspires me on so many levels: photography, homeschooling/parenting, knitting and on and on.  Check her beautiful blog out here.

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