Friday, January 20, 2012

Hot Pot

While we were in Toronto, we ate so many delicious and diverse foods!  We went to so many restaurants, both old favorites that we visit every year, and new ones that we don`t have the option of going to in Kelowna.  A new and exciting experience for me was having Hot Pot for the first time. Hot pot is a Chinese stew that you create right at your table.  

First, a steaming bowl of broth (in our case we had 2 kinds) is heated on a burner situated in the center of the table.  Next, you chose all of the various ingredients you`d like to add.  The fresh ingredients are brought out along with a huge selection of spices and sauces.  Finally, you add different combinations of food and spices into the boiling broth and wait while everything becomes tender and delicious.

Here is the wonderful selection of spices and sauces, my favourite was the peanut sauce.

We ordered a chicken and pork broth as well as Satay broth.

Our hot pot was filled with fresh salmon, lotus root, enoki mushrooms, chicken, dumplings, tofu, radishes, shrimp, mussels, and squid.

I had such a wonderful time, not only was the food delicious, fresh and surprisingly inexpensive, it was a very fun and involved experience.  I recommend everyone try hot pot at least once.

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