Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cubicle Makeover

Well, here are some spotlight shots of the recent additions to my cubicle. My camera batteries died before I could get some all-encompassing shots of my work area... I promise to get a few soon!   At which point I will do a before and after feature (just have to track down the before shots I took awhile ago).  All I can say is that having a warm, inviting and personalized work area does wonders for my attitude at work. I encourage everyone to do a little sprucing up now and then, especially if you're in a rut at work, it can have such a positive effect on your mood and productivity.
 Mouse pad covered with inspiring scrapbook paper

 Pretty Stamp tray - also covered with scrapbook paper

 Cheery Pencil Holder - Made from a tin can, scrapbook paper and ribbon

Framed photo of my love (and myself)

 I also added this beautiful potted Ivy plant that cascades down the side of my divider, Oh how I love it!

I also tidied up my bulletin board, but I think it needs a little something... I'm thinking bunting or some other pretty garland type thing? :)

Our office was re-painted, had new flooring put in and we re-arranged all of our desks and it still amazes me to this day what a difference it has made!  I was inspired to 'makeover' my cubicle as well because suddenly I no longer resided in a dull, generic and lifeless office.  Can't wait to have the before and after pics!

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