Friday, December 30, 2011

I LOVE Lists

There is something about me, something I love to do SO much, its surprising I haven't mentioned here on my blog before.  I absolutely love making lists, I'm obsessed, I'm addicted and I love it!  I have been keeping lists for years and years. Recently, I started keeping my lists in their own notebooks/on their own dry-erase boards because they started to take over my journals (which now only include full sentences and paragraphs). I use lists for many different purposes, as you will see below, and they all make me happy inside. (wow I'm such a geek)

List of instructions/Steps:  I use lists to help me remember things I don't do as often as I should.  My yoga routine being one of them.

My Daily Dry-Erase List:  This is my to-do list that I update and change everyday.  I just love crossing stuff off, but don't mind at all if I don't get around to everything, it just means I have one more thing for my list tomorrow :)

Fridge Lists:  I write lists on colourful paper and tack them onto the fridge to remind me of fun stuff I can do when I have some spare time.

Menu Board:  This is my pinterest-inspired dry-erase menu board that I crafted to match our kitchen.  I use it to plan out our weekly menu and have also started using the space at the bottom for jotting down items that I need to add to my next grocery list.

List Notebooks: These babies get quite a bit of use, I write any and all lists in here that don't have a place or space already.  I use lists to brainstorm ideas, I love having a place to record all of my thoughts and ideas that are related to a particular theme.  My Christmas Stocking-Stuffer List is shown below.

I like my notebooks to be of the bright and cheery variety.

I use lists to help me appreciate and acknowledge all that I love about the world.  My list of seasonal traditions is shown below.

I use lists to inspire me to try new things.   You will see one of my 'recipes to try' lists below (I have made four of them so far :)

Wishlists:  These lists are just fun downright fun to make!  I will rip this page out and take it with me the next time I go to Ikea, I really will.

Long-Term To-do list:  I usually make one of these every weekend and you can be sure that there are always items left over! (see my list below as an example).  I love list-making so much that there is no way I could actually accomplish everything in the time allotted... I just move those items onto next weekend's list :)

 My Pocket sized/Purse sized Notepad:  And last but not least, my ultra-important notepad that travels with me everywhere I go. This is where all of my shopping and grocery lists end up because I whip them out as soon as I get to the store.  I also write down phone numbers, addresses, directions and other useful information that I may need when I am out and about.  This little guy is a life saver!

Yep, it's safe to say that List-writing is a huge passion of mine!

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