Sunday, December 11, 2011

Circus in the Snow

Circus and I had such a wonderful 'photoshoot' this weekend, the light was absolutely gorgeous!  Golden Sunlight in the Okanagan at this time of year is a real treat and Circus sure put on a show for me.  The light dusting of snow was so beautiful, I just couldn't stop ;)

  I love me some paw prints!

    Look at that full, beautiful tail, he sure looks like he belongs in this environment.

    This seems to be a favorite pose for him, it is a favorite of mine as well.

We live right next to a Christmas tree farm run by a lovely family, two generations in. It has been so magical to see so many families picking out their tree the old-fashioned way!  Circus sure loved watching the kids.

  What's that smell?

    Here he is putting on a show for me

  I thought he might do it again here.... he has that look in his eye ;)

    Something else caught his attention though

  He just looks so content, so warm and fluffy

Love you little buddy, thanks for taking my mind off my wisdom teeth for awhile!

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