Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Finger Knitting - Christmas Garland

 At the age of 29, I have become quite interested in knitting, which is a surprise to me. I had no desire to learn how to knit (or sew) up until now.  It must be all of the creative and inspiring blogs I've been following! I plan to enroll in a beginners knitting class that starts in February, but until then, I have been having fun knitting with just my fingers (who knew?)

Finger knitting is very easy and quite relaxing, you can find many you tube videos online and other great tutorials that make learning it a snap.
 The timing was great as I decided to make a Christmas tree garland and my first project.
 So far my foray into the world of knitting has been very enjoyable, I can't wait to start using my needles!

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