Friday, December 30, 2011

We still play with Lego

 Two of the things I absolutely loved as a child were Legos and Martial arts. So when I heard that lego had come out with a new line of products called "Ninjago" which combined my love of both, I asked for some for Christmas!  I had so much fun putting it together on Christmas day that we had to go out and buy Luke his own Ninja as well.  The level of detail is just amazing, from the facial expressions to the weapons, I just can't get enough Ninjago :)
 Here is a cool fight scene that Luke created

We were so enthralled that we spent an hour exploring the Lego website... Did you know you can buy a Volkswagen Van?  It has over 1000 pieces and costs 129.99 but it looks awesome!  We might have to buy this so we have something to do together this winter when we are cooped up inside. Link here

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