Saturday, December 3, 2011

Crafty Idea #9 - Bell Garland

The Holidays often inspire me to come up with less-expensive, homemade alternatives to the things I see, and like, in stores.  Sometimes I am astounded at what people are willing to pay for things like decorations. Usually, I find I can make something very similar for a quarter of the price, and its custom made to fit my home and colour scheme to boot!

The bell garland you see below cost me under $3, and took about 15 minutes to make once I had all of the supplies gathered.  I'm so happy that I took the time to make it myself, I love saving money and I love crafting, its a win-win all around.

      (Yes my windows need cleaning ;)  (I'm working on 'keeping it real' on my blog)

      (Work in progress)

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