Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ordinary Days

 Enjoying the fire truck at the Library
 The Lego Store continues to amaze me with their customer service!  I asked if they had any foliage/flower pieces hiding in the back and they filled a bucket for me ;)  Glad I asked!
 The Pick a Brick wall is awesome :)
 Cold enough for our winter hats
 We went to the gymnastics club down the street for the first time and we both had a blast.  We will be going back once a week if Miko's nap schedule allows for it.

 My homemade light-box setup
 Grocery shopping trips are getting a lot more complicated/difficult now.... By the time we get to the checkout Miko is 'done' and often resorts to tossing numerous items out of the cart.  He can also reach all the strategically placed goodies next to the check out.  I made him a very quick shopping list as a trial run (because I never know if he will destroy it instantly or throw it out of  the cart).  It kept his attention for about 20 minutes, which is great, but we usually end up shopping for over an hour so.... I am open to suggestions for dealing with this stage!

I'm working on a homemade advent calendar this year, will post more on Dec 1st when it is completed and hanging on the wall :)

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