Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Burnaby Village Heritage Christmas

 Miko's first ride on a vintage Carousel was everything we could have hoped. His eyes were sparkling with awe and wonder! As soon as he saw it, instead of being hesitant, he started pointing excitedly saying 'more neigh-neigh!' We started out on a little stationary horse, but in hindsight, he would have been fine on the ones that go up and down.  I was dizzy afterwards though ;)

 We arrived as the sun was setting, perfect for seeing all of the Christmas lights.

 There were so many things to see and do, but boy was it a cold evening!
 Carolers in the Gazebo
 Checking out Santa's sleigh

 This beautifully restored Tram was my favourite I think
 Miko really enjoyed checking out the old fashioned building toys.

 Making homemade Christmas cards at the craft station

 Daddy even joined in when he saw how much fun we were having
This will definitely be a yearly tradition for us!

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