Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Farm Tots Pumpkin Class

These pictues (with me in them) were taken by a fellow antendees Mom.  Thank you guys so much for taking our picture and emailing them! It's a rare and special thing to have photos with both Miko and I together.
 I can not praise these tot classes enough!  They are all done so well, with songs, stories, treasure hunts, crafts and sensory play. I think this activity was Miko's all-time favourite so far.  He got to play with some homemade play-dough that smelled like pumpkin spice as well as a bin or coloured rice.  I could not believe how much he loved playing with them, all of the kids loved it!


 And these are my pictures ;)
Here the kids are creating a pumpkin painting by using a stamp and some q-tips

 See Miko's little stuffed cat sitting with him?  He was quite attached to it that day and wanted to bring it with us :)

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