Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ontario Trip - Part 3

 After we visited with Lukes's family we headed to the Peterborough area to visit with my relatives. I have a very large extended family so it was great to get to see almost everyone!
 There are a few babies around Miko's age that he got to interact with, it was really interesting to watch them together. Here he is next to sweet little Sarah, she was born just a week before Miko. 

 And here he is meeting adorable Iris, she is 3 months older than Miko.  He is very lucky to have cousins close to his age, I have many cousins who were very close to me growing up and I cherish these special relationships so much.
They had quite the audience as you can see with the many legs/feet in the photos :)
 Miko with his Grandma
 Miko with his Grandpa
 Miko with Nanna
 Miko with my Aunt
 Miko with a few more Aunts and Uncles
 Miko with Auntie Kaitlin and Grandma
 That cute blanket was a gift for Miko from his Aunt, my sister gives us such nice presents.
Stay tuned for even more pictures!

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