Tuesday, July 8, 2014

They Grow So Fast!

 Miko seems to be learning new things at an exponential rate! He has reached so many milestones in the past couple of weeks.  Miko has taken an interest in my camera and likes to reach out and touch my lens.
 Miko now sleeps in his own bedroom and has graduated from bassinet to crib.
 Miko's first tooth has popped through and only disrupted his sleep for a couple of nights. I guess he is too preoccupied during the day to notice the affects of teething because it didn't bother him much at all.
 I still have not been able to photograph that little tooth yet...   We gave him some frozen washcloths that were soaked in chamomile tea which he absolutely LOVED to chew on.
 Oh and our little man can now sit up unassisted for minutes at a time.  He still takes a nose-dive every once in a while so we are never more than an arms-length away.
 I think he enjoys the new perspective and the fact that he can reach toys more easily from this vantage point.

 He now prefers to be on his tummy and can spin 360 degrees to face any direction.
He also finally realized he can suck on his toes, so cute!


  1. wow look at the big boy sitting up now! he has changed so much in just a couple weeks!

    1. I know, it's almost unbelievable how quickly they grow and learn new things. I'm really trying to cherish each stage before he's onto the next one.

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