Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ontario Trip - Part 4 (The Cottage)

 During our visit we spent a few days at my parents cottage on Methune Lake.
 The lake was quite warm, especially compared to Lake Okanagan, so we dipped Miko's toes in.
 As per usual, he wasn't minding it so Luke let him stand on the bottom so that the water came up to his waist.

 Towel cuddles with Grandpa

 Isn't their boat house beautiful?  My Mom is painting it, she says it's not finished yet but it still looks awesome.
 My cousin  (whom I am very close with - we are related on both sides of the family) brought her kids up to spend the day with us at the cottage.  Because we live so far away from each other we try to co-ordinate our visits to Ontario whenever possible.  I'm so glad we got to spend some time with her and her sweet kids, although it never seems like long enough.  Time sure flies when you are having fun!
 Miles and my Dad were clearing rocks together.
 Enjoying the warm water with the little ones.

 They were both enjoying the splashing

 Miko really seemed to be intrigued by the water. 

 I was so happy my Nanna came up to visit too!

 We celebrated my Dad's birthday as well.
 My parents were absolutely enthralled with Miko, it's such a cool experience to see your parents interact with your child.  They couldn't get enough of each other!  Look at all of those genuine smiles.

 Auntie Kaitlin's blanket sure got a lot of use while we were there

Thank you everyone for making our visit so very special. We had such a wonderful time and cherished every minute we got so spend with all of you.  Our little Miko sure enjoyed himself, that's for sure.

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  1. Wow you did get some great photos! I had such a great time with you Cole and enjoyed every minute spent with you and your family. Yes the time does go by too fast! always does when your having fun:)