Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Baby Led Solids Update

 Miko has made great progress with baby-led weaning recently. Last night he actually swallowed a couple bites of food! (sausage and shredded cheese)  There was no gagging involved either which made the experience more enjoyable for Luke and I. Miko actually gets distracted by his bib and will start chewing on it instead of his food. 
 Here he is eating some shredded cheese and chunks of watermelon.
 A little messy, but not too bad, it's been worse.

 Ikea's antelope highchair has been awesome, it is very easy to clean and doesn't weigh very much.
 Here he is eating some banana, this is probably his favourite food so far. 
 Notice the lack of bib, he wasn't distracted by it this time.
 Bananas are pretty slippery for him so he was trying some other ways of getting it in his mouth.

 He's getting pretty good at grabbing large chunks of food and putting them in his mouth. He will either suck on it or try to mash it up with his gums.
 Miko certainly loves to explore food and sit with us at the dinner table. So far, feeding Miko with the baby-led solids method has been working out for us and we hope the trend continues.


  1. What an adorable little man. Quite possibly the world's cutest baby. :)

    1. Why thank you! This sounds a lot like Miko's Daddy talking ;)