Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ontario Trip - Part 2

 Miko got to meet his three cousins for the first time during our visit.  It's too bad Miko wasn't a little more interactive yet, but they had fun holding him and watching him play with their toys.
 He was certainly curious and would study them for a short while if he was next to them.
 All of the kids did awesome, they were all so excited and yet gentle and careful around 'baby' Miko :)  Miko hasn't developed stranger anxiety yet so I think it was a perfect time for them to meet each other.
 Miko's Aunt and Uncle were equally excited about his visit. I am so glad they got to see him at this stage, he's growing so fast!

 I love when they make eye-contact, I took many, many pictures to ensure I got a few good ones.

 We stayed with Luke's parents so Miko got lots of time with his wonderful grandparents. Our suitcase was packed full of thoughtful gifts when we left :) Thank you so much for everything! We hope to visit again soon, the days just seem to fly by don't they?

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