Friday, March 28, 2014

We Come Bearing Gifts

 My Mom and my Nanna made the long trek out to visit us last week. Having a new baby is definitely a great motivator for attracting visitors ;)  It was Miko's first time meeting his Nanna (Great grand mother) and I am so glad they had such a great time together.
 We had a very relaxing time together, managed to go out for a few meals, but mostly spent time in our home being entertained by the little guy. 
 Here is our four generations pic!
 It was so neat seeing my Mom interact with Miko, he's at such a great stage right now.

 He's such a happy little guy, our only challenge was getting him to ignore the camera and keep smiling.

I just had to sneak up on him during candid moments like this one.
 Miko always receives some very thoughtful gifts whenever we have visitors.  I know how fun it is to shop for babies ;)  My Mom gave Miko the cheerful painting you see above, she worked on it while she was visiting.  I just popped it  in a frame and now it is ready to hang in his nursery.
 My Nanna brought Miko a sterling silver cup with his name engraved into it.  It's a tradition in our family to receive this gift from a Great Grand Parent.
 In fact I still have the cup that was given to me by my Great Grandpa when I was a baby.  Miko's cup is on the left and mine is on the right.
My sister sent out some adorable onesies for him to wear.  Oh how I love baby clothes, they are so bright and cheerful.
The greatest gift however, was giving Miko the opportunity to spend time with his family.  Time spent with loved ones will always be the most precious and cherished gift of all. 

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  1. I still have my sterling silver cup from great grandpa Burrett too! so glad our kids get them from their great grandparents too! Wow Miko is getting so big! I love that sweatshirt he is wearing in the first picture.