Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mikolaj and Circus

 Poor Circus, he used to get so much love and affection from us and now has learned to live with a lot less attention.  He has been dealing with it wonderfully, and luckily, is very good around Miko.  We couldn't be happier in regards to their relationship and Circus's behaviour in general.  At first Circus was very weary, he would gaze at Miko from afar with a look of both fear and curiosity. But he has never acted aggressively towards us, and Miko is no exception.
 Every week he becomes more comfortable with our new addition.  He will hang out with us as a family now and seems to have gotten used to Miko's propensity for sudden noises and flailing limbs :)
 In fact, he has even learned to deal with Miko's bouts of crying, which luckily are quite infrequent. The picture above shows how far he has come! He used to leave the room if there was any crying involved.
Now that Circus is less afraid, he ventures a little closer to Miko which is great timing because Miko notices his movement and will follow Circus with his eyes.  I can't wait to see how their relationship will continue to develop and grow as Miko gets older.

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