Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Miko's Project Life Scrapbook Progress

 I am slowly but surely making progress with Miko's Scrapbook. The majority of the pages will be completed using 'project life' layouts and cards. You can read more about 'project life' here. I chose to try this type of scrapbooking because it seemed easier and less time consuming  - and it is. The more traditional style of scrapbooking, which you can see an example of here, does in fact take much longer to complete. And also involves a lot more cutting and gluing. The one downside to project life is that the layouts are obviously more restrictive than having a huge blank 'canvas' to work with. But I think he trade off is worth it!
The pages have been assembled in chronological order.  The first page features our wedding and pregnancy news.

Pregnancy belly pics
Getting ready for baby
 More getting ready for baby...
 The arrival of our little one
 A yellow themed page
And baby's first Christmas :)
As you can see above- I am finding ways to be more creative with some of the pockets. I'm having a lot of fun so far, and I love how quickly I can finish a page or two.

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