Saturday, July 21, 2012

Growing Our First Vegetable Garden - Part 5

Harvesting and Enjoying our Produce:
Luckily for us, we decided to plant radishes this year. Luke and I both eat them like candy, and they are by far the most rewarding crop we have planted so far. Our carrots and zucchini won't be ready for quite a while, but at least we have delicious radishes and cilantro to enjoy!
 Circus loves to hang out between the rows

Some bright red peaking out

 Notice the one giant Zucchini plant in the middle?

 These were the first radishes to be harvested from our vegetable patch. They were so fresh and delicious, more than worth the tiny bit of effort required to grow them.

 May I just say that I will never use anything but fresh herbs again? The cilantro is so potent, I can't believe what I've gotten used to while shopping at the grocery store...

See how much Circus love to be in the garden?  I can't blame him :)

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