Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chicken Dumpling Bento with Fresh Veggies

Just linking up with 'What's for Lunch Wendesday' over at I will resume my chronological gardening posts tommorow, stay tuned for our first harvest :)
Contents: Chicken and vegetable dumplings, celery sticks, radises, grape tomatoes and baby carrots


  1. Nice-looking lunch. You are going to have a harvest and you're in BC? Awesome! We've had so much rain in the Kootenays that I had to replant my tiny garden. I'm hoping for some baby carrots by around September :( maybe, at this rate...

  2. Sorry to hear about your garden being washed away... I hope you are rewarded with some veggies before too long :) We had tons of rain this year in the Okanagan as well, I think it may have actually benefited out little crop. It's hard to say though because this was our first year and I have no other experiences to compare it to. You should plant some radishes (if you like them) they grow so fast you will be eating them in no time :)