Monday, July 30, 2012

A Torrential Downpour and a Rainbow

 Yes, that wave you see on the left is being created by a car, a car you can't even see because the wave is so  gigantic.

The amount of rain we have gotten this year has been unbelievable. There seems to be a severe thunderstorm watch every couple of days... which I don't mind at all.  I find storms to be invigorating... and exciting :)  It's been such a wet spring (and summer even) that we don't even have a campfire ban yet this year.  Some of the sour cherry trees in our backyard have collapsed under the weight of the cherries that have grown on them.  

Here is part of an article from our local news that puts it in perspective:

"Records are made to be broken or, in this case, shattered.

June, 2012, will go down as the wettest June on record in Kelowna. And that's saying a lot, records have been kept since 1968.
According to meteorologist Doug Lundquist, 107 mm of rain fell in Kelowna last month shattering the record of 103 mm established back in 1990.
June is the wettest month in the Central Okanagan, averaging about 41 mm of rain annually. May (39 mm) and July (37 mm) are second and third in terms of wettest average months in Kelowna.
"This year, it was a monsoon season on steroids," says Lundquist.
A significant amount of rain (more than .2 mm) fell in Kelowna on 20 of 30 days in June. "

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