Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Camping - Hydraulic Lake Recreation Site

 Luke and I went camping with our friends Joey and Elsie a couple of weekends ago. Here are a few photos and some captions to go along with them

The sites were only $12 a night so we made use of two sites while we were there.  Joey and Elsie set up camp right across the road.
 This particular rec site had some massive, beautifully made, picnic tables

 Doesn't it look so snug and cozy in there?

 Luke is frying up some mini burger patties for our breakfast

Just a short walk to the lake from our site
Photo taken by Elsie - Thanks for taking this awesome candid picture of us!

 Hydraulic lake is a good fishing spot apparently, although I didn't see any one get lucky this time

 The lake was gorgeous in the morning, even without fish nibbling, it was fun to just hang out on the shore

 Luke had so much fun with Joe that we bought our own rods as soon as we got back into town

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