Saturday, February 18, 2012

What I'm Up To Week #3

What I'm Reading:  "The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan.  This book is extremely thorough and eye-opening, I can't believe the length of the chain that brings most food from the earth to our tables.  If you need encouragement to eat less processed food, this book would be a beneficial read. It delves deep into the relatively new phenomenon of industrial-organic, and also examines the realities of using a hunter-gatherer approach to acquiring food.

What I'm Watching: Revenge, Underworld Awakening

What I'm Listening To: Old favourites that I like to sing-along with - Jill Barber, Bic Runga and Chantal Kreviatzuk

What I'm Eating: Many new 'gluten-free' foods because were pretty sure we have a celiac in the house (and it's not me), just waiting for blood test results....  We decided we don't like rice pasta, but I absolutely love corn pasta!!! Fish has become a new staple in our house, we had fish tacos using this coleslaw recipe as filling, mmm mmm.

What I'm Making: I started knitting a second pouch for Kaitlin's birthday as per her request :)  The process is much quicker this time, and I find I can knit for longer periods without my hands hurting.
I also made some new labels for my kitchen containers, nothing fancy, just practical and cheery:

What is Inspiring Me: Gluten-Free Living blogs - This is a new topic for me but I have found so many helpful websites and delicious wheat-free recipes.  People who are diagnosed Celiac are very inspiring themselves, I can't believe the sense of community that has been created, there are so many positive attitudes out there!  Gluten-Free Goddess is a wonderful resource for recipes and Celiacs in the House is packed with resources and links.

What is Making Me Smile:  The comments and feedback on my first yarn-along post! Thank you everyone for sharing your encouraging comments with me.  You can visit my yarn-along post here.

The new HGTV magazine has definitely been contributing to the huge smile on my face. I read every single word , from cover to cover, which is such a rarity for me.  It resonates with me so much that I may just have to subscribe to it :)

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