Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vancouver Trip - Museum of Anthropology

This past weekend, Luke and I spent a couple of days 'nerding-out' in Vancouver together.  We really needed a break from our winter monotony and our little trip definitely helped. Our first stop (and the only place I managed to take decent pictures) was at UBC's Museum of Anthropology.  I must admit that of all the cultures and countries we explored, Canada's own history and art was our favourite.  The huge totem poles and the 'Great Hall' filled with Haida artifacts was breathtaking.  I tried to capture some of the beauty and character below:

After our museum excursion, we spent an hour walking along the waterfront.  It was so mild and smelled like spring, very refreshing. We watched an astronomy show at the Planetarium that was incredibly interesting.  The H.R. MacMillan Space Center has a huge domed screen and theater, it makes you feel like you are actually looking up at the sky. I think the most interesting part was when the announcer took about half an hour after the video to show us how to identify constellations and asterisms in the night sky.  

We spent the night and woke up early to go for traditional Dim Sum. Yan's Garden restaurant proved to be as amazing as I was hoping (I did my research online beforehand and found a great little place that is highly reviewed).  It was packed, there wasn't an empty table by the time we left.  We ordered some spring rolls, shrimp dumplings, pork dumplings, shrimp-stuffed eggplant, more shrimp dumplings and deep-fried squid. Everything was delicious, expertly prepared and cooked to perfection, oh how we wish we could get real Dim Sum here!  

We went to a 'real theater' to watch Underworld awakening and it was totally worth seeing in Vancouver instead of here in Kelowna.  I'm not sure why, but Kelowna does not have a single modern theater, no Silvercities or Colosseums, no stadium seating, no surround sound, no different franchises or food choices inside, its quite interesting to me.  Growing up in Ontario, I had no idea that a relatively large city in Canada could still be decades behind in terms of its movie theater offerings. I really do miss the large-scale theaters in Ontario so it was a real treat to visit one while we were in Vancouver.

After a quick and efficient (much to Luke's liking) trip to Ikea we were on the way home.  We had great driving weather both ways, it was a wonderful mini vacation and we are so glad we made the trek!

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