Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My First Yarn Along

For the very first time, I am joining in with Yarn Along over at a blog that I love: Small Things.
What you see above is my very first knitting project ever.  It will eventually turn into a pouch,  which I will hopefully finish during my last beginners class on Thursday.  All I can say is that the process of knitting has been even more enjoyable and rewarding than I had hoped.  I'd like to say thank you to a number of talented knitters (and mothers) who have inspired me to delve into the world of knitting. Thank you to the authors of Small Things, Frontier Dreams and Soulemama for setting such wonderful examples.

I am reading 'The Conquerer' by Conn Iggulden, the last in a series of five books about the Mongol warrior Ghengis Khan and his family.  This is a must read for anyone who enjoys historical fiction. I have been taking my sweet time with this one because I don't want the series to end!


  1. Welcome! Yarn along is so fun. Your pouch looks great already. Have you checked out Ravlery?
    Whoa Ghengis Khan historical fiction-I'll have to put this on my list.

  2. Love the color you chose for your pouch! Welcome to the world of knitting! I have been addicted for about a year only gets better!!

  3. Glad you've joined in with Yarn Alongs and enjoying learning how to knit. Really like the shade of gray you've chosen!

  4. congratulations on your first yarnalong post! i think knitting is a gift you give yourself, and it keeps on giving. i love to see new knitters! so wonderful.