Saturday, May 7, 2011

Things that make me Happy - May 7th Edition

Work Perk - Hello Kitty Folders
I managed to score some awesome 'Eva Air' Hello kitty folders at work this week!  Yes, there is a real Hello Kitty Jet that is owned by Eva Air, and, of course, it is fully stocked with hello kitty swag.  One of their reps recently visited Kelowna Flightcraft for the DC-10 conference and dropped off the adorable folders you see below. I had absolutely no trouble claiming these for my own, not surprisingly, I am the only person in my department who has an affinity for hello kitty products. :)

Another Work Perk - The Fleet Parking Spot
My department at work has access to a special executive parking space that is located right next to our hangar.  We all take turns, which means we each get the spot once every 7 weeks or so.  It happened to be my turn this week, pretty exciting stuff.

A shopping success story: I don't mind shopping per se, but I could spend hours at the mall and come home with nothing... which is usually the case.  So when I do find something I like it really makes me smile!  When I find something I like that comes in my size and is 50% off, my happiness goes through the roof. That's exactly what happened this week, I found two adorable cardigans at Bluenotes, both a size small, in my favourite colours, and they cost me $22 in total.  I love actually coming home with something after a day of shopping!

My amazing Circus
Circus never ceases to amaze me!  He makes me smile every single day, many times a day for that matter.  He is the sweetest, most adorable little bundle of joy, and I can never get enough of his cuteness.

The Pet Me pose

Stopping to smell the flowers...just kidding, he ate the grass of course

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