Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back to the Drawing Board

Since I have become all inspired to be artistic and crafty again, I decided to post some of my artwork.  There are a few unfinished ones that I desperately want to complete and hang up on my wall in the near future. Each picture has a caption that explains what medium I used, why I chose the piece, and what year I finished it in.
2003 - Pencil Crayon
This drawing was inspired by a screenshot from an awesome DS game called 'Another Code'

2001 - Acrylic Paint
This was one of my snowboard themed paintings I completed in my last year of highschool

2001 - Pastel
Another snowboarding inspired piece

1998?? - Pencil Crayon
I made this for my Mom for mothers Day and then swiped it back from her to use in my portfolio :)

1999?? - Acrylic Paint
I think I had planned on adding more stars to this one...

2004 - Pencil Crayon
I did this one purely for fun - I just had to recreate this awesome shot!

2009 - Pencil Crayon
This is one of my most recent drawings. An old work friend of mine approached me right after Obama was elected and offered me a bit of money to draw the famous Rolling stones shot for him.

2001 - Acrylic Paint
My favourite snowboard Painting from my OAC year

2001- Pencil Crayon
Yes, more snowboarding

2000 - Pencil Crayon
Grade 12 art class -  I just love drawing things from nature

2003 - Pencil Crayon (still unfinished after all this time!)
This is Samus from the Metroid Prime Games, I really need to finish this one....

2004 - Pencil and Pencil Crayon
This is a World of Warcraft Dragon, I misplaced my 'Art of World of Warcraft' book years ago and have been unable to finish this

2008 - Pencil Crayon
This is a drawing of Luke's Jeep, I gave him this home-made gift as a Christmas present.  His Jeep has had so much work done to is since I drew this that I'm starting to think I should do an updated version. 

2010 - Pencil and Pencil Crayon
This is my most recent drawing and I will be completing this one as soon as possible.
This is character from a recent Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles game that came out on the DS.

2008 - Acrylic Paint
I made this for a friends nephew on his birthday

2009 - Pencil Crayon
An old work friend found this cool picture and decided he wanted it as a tattoo.  The problem was that this image was on a zippo lighter and he needed a larger version to give to his tattoo artist. I recreated this image on a larger scale for him and it is now tattooed onto the back of his calf :)

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