Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tuna Pattie Bento

             I tried something new in my most recent bento... Tuna Patties!  And boy were they delicious, I was extremely happy with the results. They were easy to make and were quite tasty for being so healthy.  The top tier contains some mashed potatoes, which, unfortunately, aren't very pretty to look at ;) The steamed zuchinni has become a bento staple for me, but they too look pretty unappetizing in this picture.  I had to make a little tin foil pouch to wrap the zuchinni in so the moisture would make the patties soggy.  It's definitely time for me to buy some new bento supplies! A silicone baking cup would have have been much easier to use, and much more visually pleasing.  I will be going on in a few days to place my order, I've had a 'wish list' going for a while now :)

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