Tuesday, December 2, 2014

More Phone Pics

 Miko and I have been attending a parent and tot swim program and we both LOVE it. Luke made it to our last class and managed to snap a few pictures. We have graduated from 'Starfish' and will be in the 'Duck' class next year.

We had a play date at the mall with Ken's kids, apparently the mall is a popular place for families with little ones. 
 We had to pry this balloon away from Miko, he was obsessed with it and we didn't want it to burst in his face.
 Photo taken by Miko
Mommy and Miko selfies
 Here is Miko all bundled up in his new wagon. We put the skis on while we walked through the snow at the Christmas tree farm.  Since we live right next door, I had our tree picked out months ago!  It's  a good thing too because it was -12 degrees (celcius) that day. We quickly grabbed our tree, some hot chocolate and went inside to get warmed up right away

 Our neighbours are so very friendly, they really have a wonderful set-up for Christmas.  And boy are they popular!  Oh and their trees are absolutely beautiful.  They trim and tend to the trees all year long, so much hard-work goes into crafting such perfect trees.
 Miko attended his first party - Layla turned four and we were all invited. The kids got to run around a local gymnastics club (well Miko crawled ;) They all had a blast, including Miko. I think we will be signing him up for some classes as soon as he can walk.  The parents were not allowed to play on the equipment but boy did I want to try everything out!  They had rope swings, foam pits, trampolines and all the normal equipment like bars, beam, and vault. It sure brought back some memories!

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