Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Morning

 Miko and I were up at 6:00am this year!
 Wow, where did all of these presents come from?

 Miko was very gentle with the gifts while we waited for Daddy to wake up.

 Dim sum for breakfast (along with a shrimp ring and fresh pineapple)

 Miko was way more interested in the chopsticks and dumplings than his stocking.
 After some coaxing he realized there was some neat stuff inside that stocking.

 Luke checking out the contents of his stocking.
 Here is Miko trying to figure out the secret of the spinning top.

 Miko and Mommy reading a new book.
 This little piano was definitely one of Miko's favourites!

 Oh, what's in here???
 Yes we had the 'Shaw Firelog' on in the background.

 So many thoughtful gifts! Thank you everyone
 Miko's pile of presents
 Getting ready to Skype Miko's grandparents.

 Miko kept trying to show/pass his toys to his family on the computer screen.

We had a lovely, relaxing Christmas together.  It was quite entertaining having a little one to celebrate with us!  Miko still is, and always will be, our most favourite Christmas gift of all.


  1. Looks like you guys had a superb Christmas! I love Miko's facial expressions when he is looking at things:) His personality is shining through!

  2. Happy belated holidays! and also belated birthday to Miko! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas, I really enjoyed Christmas this year with a little one to share in the excitement with :) Amanda is quite right as is Miko's personality is shining in the pictures. They change and become their own little person so quickly. I love reading your blog to see how your family is doing. Cora